Print your Pictures - They create memories

'Print your pictures', I tell everyone. 'Print them out.' I must sound like a broken record. But, it's something I truly believe in. It is one of the most important things we can do.

In this day and age, we live in a digital world where everything is stored on our mobile phones, our computers, our instagrams or even in the cloud. Yes, it is convenient, but is it really worth it, when those things fail and lose all of our photographs? Can we rely on technology to keep our special moments or memories, for years to come?  

Think about it for a second. We take these pictures to capture a moment that we do not want to forget. Sometimes, it is small things like what we bought that day, the cute buttercup that we found in a field full of daisies, or the rainbow that appeared right after a storm. Sometimes, it is your babies first tooth, your dogs first puppy class, your family Christmas.

If technology fails, and there is a huge chance of that happening, those moments are left to perish on our smart phones, and never once touched our fingertips or our walls. They touched only our hearts and that memory is gone forever. We can never get that back. 

How many times have you sat with your parents or grandparents while growing up to look through old photographs? Photographs of their wedding day, the day you were born, your first holiday, your first day at school, your graduation. 

What will you have to show your children when they grow up? You won't have those pictures stored in a box, or printed on your wall to show them. They will know nothing about their childhood. 

When was the last time you printed your pictures? In recent years, we are taking more and more photographs. We take them and then leave them on dusty old memory cards or on Facebook. 

My walls are full of memories. They make me smile each time I look at them.

Print them. It doesn't matter if they are from your phone or from a professional photographer. Just print them. Store them in photo albums, in frames, in boxes. This way, you get to keep them forever and can re-live them whenever you want to. 

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