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If you are reading this, then chances that you are lucky enough to experience the everlasting love and pure joy of a dog, cat or other pet. As a nation of animal lovers, we absolutely love our pets. They are family, and that is why I photograph them. 

I have grown up with dogs, since the day I was born. And because of that, I learned about love, loyalty and happiness. I learned about friendship because I always had a best friend. And that's exactly what they are... our best friends. They are a huge part of our lives. They walk with us, they accompany us on our holidays, they sleep in our beds, they greet us excitedly when we walk in the door and miss us when we leave, and, even in their craziest moments,  make us smile each and every day. Most of all, they make life brighter. They are our constant, in an ever changing world. They do not judge us. They trust us unconditionally and bring endless amounts of joy. 

And unfairly, their time on earth is short, so each and every day that we spend with them is special. 

You may know by now, but in case you don't, I am Anna-Marie and I share my world with Willow, a Pyrenean Mountain dog who is curled up at my feet as I type this. It's amazing how much she has grown in the last 6 months and I am thankful that I have documented that in photographs so as I can look back on those moments. I also have a huge framed print of her hanging on my wall that I look up at every day and smile. 

And that is why I chose to be a pet photographer. I believe our pets should be celebrated, because the impact they have on our lives is everlasting. 

You will most likely find me out and about on the edges of Bristol with my camera in hand, treats in the other, capturing photographs of a dog so that I can create some beautiful artwork for my clients to treasure, 

What I am trying to say is, that time is fleeting, and as the years go by, it is important to celebrate their presence in the best way possible. By photographing them. 

This is is why I offer this service, and create memories to treasure, just like the framed artwork I have on my wall. And this is why you will find me lying on the floor, often covered in mud or wet sloppy kisses, to get the photograph YOU want. 

I ask everyone on my pet photo shoots if they would like to be included in the photo shoot and have some photographs together. Please don't say no. However much you think your hair is a mess, or you didn't dress for it, those moments are important too. That bind you share, the friendship and love you feel for each other - let me capture it.

If you'd book a session or gift it to a friend, please contact me. 

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