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There are many misconceptions when it comes to pet photography and what dog would qualify for a photo shoot. There are many people who would love to book a pet photo shoot but put it off because they think their dog is not obedient enough or cannot be let off lead. 

Let me put your mind at ease and dispel some of those myths surrounding pet photography so as you can book your session without having any doubts. 

Myth : My dog can't be photographed because he can't be let off lead. 

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about dog photography. Your dogs safety is the upmost importance to me at any photo session. Would you believe me if I told you that most of the dogs you see in my portfolio were actually photographed ON lead? 

Its not a problem for your dog to stay on a lead during a photo shoot. In fact, sometimes it is better for them to stay on lead because then we can keep their attention, and with the help of some clever editing skills and software, I can magically make those leads disappear in your final images. You won't even know they were there. 

Take the image below for example. Daisy was just a puppy when I photographed her and  hadn't learned her recall yet so was kept on a lead during her shoot. In fact, I even had the arms and feet of her owner  in the photograph. But you wouldn't know by looking at the photograph, would you? 

Photography By Anna-Marie

Photography By Anna-Marie

Pet Photographer in Yate

Myth: My dog would never sit or stay to have their photograph taken.

Dogs do not need to have the perfect sit/stay to make the most out of your photography session. It's fantastic if they do respond to the sit/stay command but it's not important if they don't. I like to photograph your dogs naturally and in their natural environment because that way, I can capture their character. 

The  majority of dogs I photograph are interested in everything else but me at their photo shoot. And I have some funny stories that make our photo sessions all the more fun and memorable. I have had a dalmation run off to play with other dogs and not come back when called, resulting in me and her owner chasing her around the park. A pure white golden retriever jumped into a muddy lake before I had even taken a photograph, resulting in a brown golden retriever, and a puppy who just wanted to play with my hair the whole time, amongst many more. And I wouldn't have it any other way. That is their personalities and I love how each and every dog is different. I still had a whole gallery of photographs from each session, because  with a little bit of bribery, a few silly noises or squeaky toys, I can capture the perfect pose. All it takes is time and patience and being ready to capture the moment, and this is why I do not rush sessions like this. 

Myth: My dog doesn't like other dogs so I can't take him to a location shoot. 

This is something you can discuss with me first so as I can choose a time and location where I know no other dogs will be present. But this doesn't mean your dog needs to miss out on a photo shoot. I will carefully plan our session so as your dog can enjoy his shoot without worry of any other dogs being around. 

Animal Portrait Photography - Bristol

Animal Portrait Photography - Bristol

Dog Photographer in Bristol, UK.

Myth: I can only book a photo shoot in the summer.

Absolutely not! I shoot all through the year. And each and every season brings us something beautiful. Summer may give us the warmer weather and lighter lights, but often can be the worst time for photography. In the midst of Summer, the heat can make dogs very uncomfortable so I do not carry our sessions in very hot weather or heatwaves, because of the risk of heat stroke in dogs. Furthermore, during the day, the sun is very high in the sky meaning the light is flat and harsh. However, Summer can give us some wonderful sunsets and I absolutely adore shooting in those. 

BUT... sunsets happen in the winter too. They are just a little colder! Spring, Autumn and Winter offer their own magic. Spring can give us some beautiful green tones and soft light. Autumn gives us those warm colours and falling leaves. Winter gives us frost, snow and Christmas sessions that are magical. 

So if you are wanting to book a pet photo shoot, please do not just wait until the Summer. If you are prepared to wrap up warm in the Winter, then these sessions can be just as magical. The photograph above was taken during December. 

So that gives you a good idea of some of the myths surrounding pet photography. If you have any questions yourself, please feel free to get in touch. 

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