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As a photographer, I understand the importance of photographs. But do you? 

Photographs preserve important events and people in our lives. They act as a timeline of our years. They are filled with places and people that we love. They are our story. 

The little moments that seem to have no importance at the time, often become significant, for us or for others who may search for us. Time goes so quickly, and before you know it, the baby you once longed for is now 18, the fiance you planned to marry is now your husband, the new puppy you bought home is now a senior. The house you built, is now being sold.  

Sure, you have hundreds of photographs on your mobile phone of your baby, your husband, your pet, but do you have any of YOU with them? Can you print those photographs out and have them above your fireplace? Can you guarantee that in years to come, they will be stored somewhere else that will allow you to look through them again? 

Technology is always changing. The fact is, those photographs mostly become lost, deleted, or forgotten. They get stored on old phones and the battery dies, and those phones then get thrown out, or something new comes out that allows you to store them elsewhere... but for how long?

Printing pictures can be time-consuming and costly... but, that picture is a memory, and what price do you put on that? I would rather look at that every day above the fireplace than wonder where it is stored when I want to relive that moment. "It's in the cloud." you say - where is the cloud? 

There is no cloud. It is being stored on another computer somewhere. And we have access to them now, but what about in the future?

Without them printed, you are losing your memories. Daily. 

The small things you didn't think were important - the ballet class, the trip to the park, the last minute holiday. The ordinary, daily events that make up your life. They matter. 

Throughout my childhood, I spent hours looking through photo albums - folders and folders of bulky albums. I spent hours taking photographs, sending them off to a print lab and patiently waiting a week for them to be ready, excitedly filling albums with the 6 x 4 prints. And still now, I get out the old photograph albums and relive happy memories. Those photographs become even more important as the years go on.

Ask yourself, 30 years from now, where will your pictures be? 

Sometimes, pictures are all we have left. So, print what you want to preserve. Print the small moments, the ones you think are ordinary. They will one day become much more important. 

So, if you have your own mobile phone that can take and print pictures, why hire a professional? 

Because sometimes, we forget to be included in the photograph. Sure, we take selfies. Are they a photograph you want to treasure and put on your wall? They are all kinda awkward or rushed. Hiring a professional allows you to be in the photograph, relaxed and in the moment. 

Photographers have specialist equipment and the knowledge on how to use it. 

I am a location photographer, meaning that I go to my clients wherever they are. They can choose somewhere that means something to them. Every location is different and my professional equipment and experience allows me to work in all types of light, conditions and scenarios.

I have spent thousands of pounds investing in the best equipment and training to allow me to create the best possible memories for you. I spend hours editing those photographs for you to get the best out of them. I can print these photographs at professional quality from a professional lab. They will differ from high street stores. 

I'll bet that your snazzy camera phone doesn't capture your childrens skin tones naturally. Does it blur the slightest movements? Meaning that you don;t have a sharp picture of your children or dogs running. Does it show up your dogs black eyes or fur? I am betting it doesn't.

I am not suggesting that you hire a professional for every single day or event. That is not possible. But let them capture the important days, the milestones, the yearly events. And for everything else in-between, take lots of photographs but print whatever you want to preserve.

March 2019

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